Monday, February 21, 2011

A Different Invasion

Once the Holland trip was over, I haven't posted again because, well, the trip was over! The whole reason for that blog was so family and friends could see what we were up to during that three week trip.

So here I am again, over a year later posting about a trip to IKEA this past Saturday for some other members on the board I belong to. For those of you who may have subscribed to my Holland blog, please don't think I've lost my mind. It was just an inside joke kind of thing for the others! So you may just want to skip reading this! But for those three on my IKEA trip, here is how that little adventure went!

It was a pretty windy and rainy day and cold (for Phoenix anyway!). Here we are pulling up to IKEA!

Once we got inside, we all admired this kitchen:

There was a little monkeying around:

Trying out some furniture:

While checking out the art, Susan found one she really liked:

I really hoped to get more pictures at IKEA but that place on a Saturday afternoon is insanity! Too many people, too crowded and my DH just wanted out! After all of our shopping at IKEA, we stopped for lunch at Marie Callendar's. You guys wanted dessert first. I believe monica-m wanted banana cream pie!

After lunch, we stopped at Trader Joe's and I wanted to take pics, but you guys did not want to leave the car because it was pouring rain out! It was a quick trip and we were on our way back home shortly and the weather was atrocious as you can see:

Sorry this wasn't as fun and entertaining as you'd hoped and I wish I could have taken better pics in IKEA, but maybe during the week when there aren't umpteen people everywhere who might rip the camera out of my hands if they think I am photographing them!

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